Christmas Darshan


In the bustle of the pre-Christmas rush, we all need an oasis of peace in which we can slow down, come to a standstill and listen to the voice of our hearts in order to know the truth, experience the secret of Christ consciousness within and plan for the future from a space of inner silence and love.

DARSHAN is a blessing of a Master who transmits divine energy to his disciples by giving them shaktipat. It is the act of awareness which happens through interaction between the Master and disciple. The aim of this act is to raise the consciousness of an individual. The transmission of high frequency waves can happen by a word, mantra, look or touch. DARSHAN literally means “divine insight”. Channels for cosmic light are being opened. With regular meditation, mantras or prayer we can keep them open. The energy Stephen shares with us at Darshan is different from the one he uses for spiritual healing. It happens in silence. Stephen touches each person individually.

The blessing of bread and wine is traditionally part of the Christmas Darshan.

SHIRLIE RODEN and MATEJ PERIH will accompany Stephen with music and singing thus creating lovely energies during the seminar.

PRICE: adults €40; children aged 7 to 17 €20; children up to 7 free